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International Organization for Masoretic Studies

The next International Congress is to be held in conjunction with IOSOT 2013 on August 5, 2013 at the Jewish Centre in Munich.


Monday, 5th August, 2013

Session A (9:00 - 11:15)

  • Chair: Aron Dotan (Israel) Opening Remarks
  • E. John Revell (Canada) The Vowels and the Accents of the Masoretic Text
  • Raymond de Hoop (Holland) The Te’amim and the Theory of Relativity
  • Paul Sanders (Holland) Poetic Layouts in the Oldest Masoretic Codices of the Hebrew Bible
  • Josef M. Oesch (Austria) Historical Sketch of the Representation of Petuha and Setuma in Hebrew Bible Manuscripts with Special Emphasis of the Pentateuch Texts

Session B (11:45 - 13:45) 

  • Aron Dotan (Israel) An Ancient Tradition of Verse Count of the Entire Bible
  • Benjamin Ziemer (Germany) Who Counted First the Letters of the Tora?
  • Franz D. Hubmann (Austria) Irregular Letters in Medieval Tora Scrolls and Manuscripts: A Provisional Report of Work in Progress
  • Elvira Martín Contreras (Spain) The Nun-like Sign in the Masora of the Cairo Codex of the Prophets: Use and Function

Tuesday, 6th August, 2013

Session C (9:00 - 11:00)

  • Edson de Faria Francisco (Brazil) Mistaken Realization of Masoretic Annotations from Leningrad Codex B19a to the Biblia Hebraica series: General Remarks
  • Y◊Ěsef Ofer (Israel) Masora as Error Correcting Code
  • Lea Himmelfarb (Israel) Rabbi Samsom Raphael Hirsch’s Use of the Biblical Accentuation in his Bible Commentary
  • Viktor Golinets (Germany) Variations of Vocalization within the Tiberian Masoretic Tradition and in Comparison with other Textual Traditions


Prof. Aron Dotan
President of the IOMS


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